Praise be, Edinburgh’s Christmas markets are set to return this year

Social distancing measures will be put in place

The city of Edinburgh is planning on holding COVID-compliant Christmas markets this year.

Plans for this year’s “Edinburgh’s Christmas” have been filed by the events company Underbelly and submitted to the council, and they show a more modest array of stalls and attractions than seen in the previous years.

Taking the form of three separate applications, the plans would see around 75 stalls, the big wheel and star flyer rides return, along with an ice skating rink. The proposed attractions will spread over East Princes Street Gardens, George Street, Castle Street and High Street.



The plans and drawings of intended sites notably show an absence of stalls and amusements in the lower areas of East Princes Street Gardens. This follows heavy criticism the event received after the grounds were left “‘a muddy wasteland for 6 months” last year.

The safety of the markets in the current time of Covid-19 has been a highlight of concern, as the number of cases of Coronavirus once again start to rise.

Events company and organisers Underbelly informed the council they intend to use a queuing app system that will restrict access and prevent crowding in areas to ensure social distancing is carried out and followed across all three sites.

Edinburgh residents can submit comments on the plans until October 9th on the Edinburgh council planning website.

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