Remember the library pin? The Appleton pin is here and 2020 has been saved

I’ve been waiting for this one, turn it up!

2020 has been a rough year for everyone. A pandemic, a recession, whatever next! By the time September comes around all I’ll have achieved this year is a couple of banana breads and a mediocre TikTok account. But with every cloud comes a silver lining and this one shines brighter than the North Star on a clear night.

Friends, colleagues, fellow students, the production line gods have listened. I present to you the thing that will single handed save this year: the Appleton Tower pin.

*adds to cart immediately*

We all remember the library pin, and oh boy did it have it’s hay day. But step aside, Appleton is here and can be yours for an absolute steal of a fiver! There’s the “going back to uni” present to myself I didn’t know I needed.

Appleton Tower is an iconic building to all students and faculty for being more than just brilliant lecture halls and a sub-average cafe. It was the location of the infamous throes of passion from two anonymous students. And now it’s in pin form, rightly deserved.

The addition of Appleton Tower marks the start of the second collection of pins being sold at the University of Edinburgh gift shop. The other building joining the line-up is Teviot Row house, another icon in its own right.

You can shop the whole collection of pins here. Maybe Potterow will be next?

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