Before you bake another banana bread, vote for Edi BNOC round 3

It’s come to its climax!

Greetings loved ones, let’s take a journey. Your thousands of votes have already been counted and verified for rounds one and two of Edinburgh BNOC. We’ve reached our final round and boy are there some tasty snacks. Strap yourself for one final ride and scream if you want to go faster.

Victoria Laila Neill, 3rd year, Chemical Engineering

First up we’ve Victoria, and oh boy there’s almost too much to say. To name but a few, Victoria is the Royal Academy of Engineering Scholar Lead Health and Wellbeing Ambassador for Heriot-Watt Sports Union, she plays for Heriot-Watt Women’s 1s basketball team and she’s done interviews with radio stations such as Forth 1 regarding mental health and how universities can improve support for students. We stan.

She’s been known to give Open Day talks to applicants when severely hungover, only a legend could. This is most likely because she’s religiously faithful to Big Cheese and Shanghai despite these two clubs being chalk and cheese if you pardon the pun.

Once, Victoria was in Malaysia for a University research project. Victoria took a trip to Vietnam and ended up doing PR for the nightclubs there, by the end of the night the club was packed. You can take the BNOC out of Edinburgh, but you can’t take the BNOC out of the girl.

Kaya McConnell, 2nd year, French 

Next up is Kaya. Recognise her? We thought you might. Who doesn’t know Kaya, she’s the most iconic frequenter of nightclubs this side of Lothian.

Kaya has been known to not only enjoy herself on a night out, but also take care of her Uber drivers. She’s frequently bought every Uber driver she has ever had whilst drunk, a fillet of fish, whether they want one or not. Now, she’s often had to force them to take it, but beggars can’t be choosers. We love a generous and considerate rider.

Iain Wallace, 4th year, Rural Business Management 

Iain needs no introduction. He’s practically the face of Tennent’s. Remember when EUSA removed Tennent’s from Teviot and someone started a petition to bring them back that was so successful EUSA had no choice but to listen to what the people wanted? Yep. That was him.

Iain also played his part in keeping Scottish beef in business by campaigning for the continuation of beef sales at Teviot. Udderly wonderful.

Iain’s also a keen curler and when faced with a fancy dress curling match, Iain decided to take it to the next level and played in a crop top cheerleader’s uniform. He won the match, although some would argue that his body counts as play interference…you decide!

Robin, 4th year, Medicine 

Robin, hm. A man of mystery. Known widely for his brilliant singing voice would you believe! He’s also a man of the people, knowing just about anyone he runs into.

Oh, and he shat himself once at the Medic’s ball. Iconic? Apparently everyone loved it, but again, I’ll let you be the judge.

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