Craving the sweet sights of Edinburgh landmarks? You can now go on a virtual tour of the castle

Soak up that cultural bread

Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored. You’ve just about exhausted every TikTok dance there is, you’ve baked enough banana bread to last you until Christmas and you’ve binged Too Hot to Handle twice. Life’s looking dull, and all you long for is to be back in Edinburgh with your friends. Who would’ve thought you’d actually miss Appleton?

Despair no more fellow friends and students, you can now go on a virtual tour of Edinburgh Castle as part of a new well being initiative. Classy, boujee, ratchet.

Rainy day means reigny day trips from now on

Take 30 Together Virtual (T30TV), a new wellbeing-initiative led by the University’s museums service, gives students the opportunity to explore Edinburgh hot spots such as Edinburgh Castle. That’s going straight in my basket. Not only this, you can virtually visit the likes of Vancouver Art Gallery, Museum of Technology and Transport in New Zealand and the Shangri La Museum in Hawaii. That’s right, we’ve gone global.

All the tours are led by an expert guide with knowledge galore so you can truly soak up the culture. I can already feel myself becoming more intelligent.

T30TV is open to all students and if you want to participate in a virtual tour you can email [email protected], count me in!

Who wouldn’t want a tour of something so regal?

The well being initiative was started to help students in lockdown seek maximum mental well being. The tours are part of this week’s Museum Week 2020 (who knew there was such a week). The festival allows 60,000 cultural institutions to open their doors virtually. Beats sitting on Sims all day long.

Ruthanne Baxter, leader of the programme and Museum Services Manager, said “We know that mental health is an increasing issue among students, and the findings on engaging in cultural activities as part of a holistic approach show it can be really effective.”.

“The Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown in particular may exacerbate pre-existing mental health issues and may cause wellbeing difficulties for others, so we are really pleased to be able to extend and adapt the Prescribe Culture offer, despite not being able to physically gather together.”, said Ruthanne, “Indeed, we have now been able to take it beyond our shores, to allow our students to take guided tours of great institutions from Vancouver to New Zealand.”

Bring on the #staycation.

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