‘Students should not be burdened with the cost of COVID-19’ EUSA tells Edinburgh Uni

EUSA presidents have sent a letter of support to all students

EUSA’s presidents Andrew Wilson and Ellen MacRae have addressed all Edinburgh students in a letter claiming they will be a major part of the University’s “adapt and renewal” phase following the Coronavirus outbreak.

This email comes a response to Peter Mathieson’s urgent response on the COVID-19 situation which was published last week. “The Students’ Association is aware of [the] financial position as a result of COVID-19.”, reads the letter, “Whilst the university is confident they can meet their immediate financial obligations over the next few months, they believe the long-term financial impact of COVID-19 will be felt for several years to come.”

“In real terms, [the university’s] financial modelling suggests a drop in income in the region of £70-£150 million next year.”

The letter from Andrew and Ellen outlines the three main principles which EUSA will be guided by to ensure the best support for students:

  1. Student experience and student support funding should be maintained and protected.
  2. Students should not be burdened with the cost of COVID-19.
  3. Changes to the way the University delivers education and services, whether that be online or on campus, should not compromise the quality of learning, teaching and support.

Supporting the students, the letter states, “We have a strong and positive relationship with the University, and we are confident that they will listen and respect these principles as they navigate the challenges ahead.”.

“Throughout the process, we will be as open and transparent as we can be, ensuring [all students] are well aware of changes at the University that will impact [them] and how we have responded to this.”, said EUSA, “Your voices will be the most important part of our work in seeing the University through these difficult and uncertain times.”.

Andrew and Ellen welcome any thoughts and concerns via email at [email protected]