‘Diss girl is on fire’: Edi’s best virtual dissertation submission pictures

No uni? No problem!

The COVID-19 pandemic has sucked for everyone. It’s been especially heartbreaking for fourth years. They’ve lost their final Meadows barbecues, graduation in historic Bristo Square, and most tragic of all, the chance to take a triumphant photo of themselves giving birth to their dissertation in front of McEwan Hall.   

Life goes on, and dissertations are no exception. While submitting online from their childhood bedroom isn’t exactly what fourth years signed up for, a dissertation is a lot of hard work that deserves to be celebrated. Several fourth years have managed to make the best of an unfortunate situation and create some truly incredible dissertation submission pictures. Maybe some of them will consider getting a Master’s in photoshop.

Here is a collection of some of the best socially distant diss submission pictures:

Georgina, Law, Edinburgh University

Instagram: @jienaa_

Is that your dad? Your diss supervisor? Either way, you have both a cheering section, and you’re in front of the Old College. I’m impressed.

Ella, History, Edinburgh University

Instagram: @ellawood01

This girl wrote her dissertation on agricultural policy and then took her diss pic in an actual field. Maybe coronavirus isn’t all bad …

Adam, International Business Management, Heriot Watt University

Instagram: @adampatricklobb

Topical and accurate. I doubt there are many dissertations that didn’t take copious amounts of alcohol to get through.

Polly, Medical Sciences, Edinburgh University

Instagram: @pollyheine

Simple yet elegant. Graphic Designers are quaking.

Vera, Medical Sciences, Edinburgh University

Instagram: @veranikovics

She really is bending over backwards for her degree! Respect for using her government sanctioned hour of outdoor exercise to take this one.

Megan, History and Politics, Edinburgh University

Instagram: @meganndonnellyy

You tag your friends in this meme on Facebook. She photoshops her dissertation into it. You are not the same.

Ewan, Accounting and Finance, Edinburgh University

Instagram: @ewanthayan

While others waste their time photoshopping their whole bodies in front of McEwan Hall, he realised all he needed was his face. Improvise, adapt, overcome.

Sam, Civil Engineering, Heriot Watt University

Instagram: sam.abernathy_

His Insta caption? “Diss girl is on fire.” Sam wins.