Your boring Zoom call can wait, time to vote for round two of Edi BNOC nominations

As if the first dose didn’t tickle your fancy enough

Over 1500 of you crazy lot voted in our round one nominations of Edinburgh’s hottest competition, but it is far from over. Take a bow round one, and time to take to the stage round two BNOCs…

Angelina Malcher, 3rd year, Medicine 

Angelina is no stranger to the Edinburgh nightlife scene, described by her friends as an ‘all round riot’. Other people know her as ‘everyone’s best friend’. You pick. But it’s no wonder she’s first up for our round two nominations. She’s the perfect example of Glasgow’s finest living it up in the capital city. She is also ‘every bouncer’s worst nightmare’. No further questions asked there…

Angelina is not just a name, she’s a face around Edinburgh. Rumour has it she was the partner of choice for two different Big Cheese bouncers in the space of 24 hours. Her lips are sealed, but if it’s true, then she’s a legend.

Sean O’Reilly, 4th year, Medicine

Now this guy is an icon. Not only is he a big name in Medicine, he’s one of the coordinators of the annual Medics’ Reveal in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. Medics’ Reveal is a variety strip show organised and choreographed entirely by medical students, held at the Assembly rooms.

Not only is Sean a BNOC for this, he’s also never one to miss a Big Cheese with four VKs in hand.  Oh, and he’ll most likely be topless despite this being the reason he’s been kicked out several times.

As if that wasn’t enough, here’s an extra insight for you. Sean applied to be on Naked Attraction, initially for a laugh but soon found himself receiving a phone call from the producers whilst on the uni ski trip. They let him know that he’d made it to the next stage of the application process. Probably still drunk from the night before, and realising he was a couple of hundred quid down from losing a ski half way down the slope on his first day, he went along with the telephone interview. He was through to the next round involving a video call in which he’d have to strip, which sadly got cancelled with COVID-19. Who knows though, you might see him on the new series soon!

Christopher Goodall, 2nd year, Sports Science

Next up we’ve got Christopher. He’s the local nice guy in every sports club, according to his mates. A face in rugby, mountain biking, running, you name it! He’s got his finger in many pies you might say, and the flavour? The sweet taste of popularity.

Christopher is an all round ledge, did you know he once ate a full six person cheesecake while talking to a girl he met at a party? Now there’s an attractive trait and a real display of masculinity if I ever did see one.

Dhilan Patel, 1st year, Law and Economics

Dhilan is another one of our first years making a splash in Edinburgh and a name for himself in Pollock. It’s not a pres unless it’s in Dhilan Patel’s Chancellors pantry. Oh, and you can guarantee at least 100 people will turn up.

Dhilan’s reputuation goes beyond his massive pre drinks parties. He’s quite the ladies man! An average Monday night turned into another wild night at Jujus, where Dhilan manages to pull. The two of them quickly decides Jujus is a waste of time, so head back to have a bit of fun in his Chancellors room. His Monday night lover falls asleep in his arms all happy and satisfied, only to wake up alone in the middle of the night to find out he went back to Jujus for another pull. Brutal!

William Hwang, 1st year, Economics and History

Chances are you’ll recognise William from his multiple appearances in clubbers of the week as ‘the guy with the Grey Goose vodka bottle’. He’s head PR at Ice Wednesdays, he didn’t miss one this whole year! Will is absolutely religious about clubbing.

They say Will has probably visited more clubs than most Edi students do in their full four years. This dedication to the sesh requires a specific skillset. In his distinguished Fresher career, he’s become an expert at getting in from the club and writing an essay due for later that morning, always celebrating with a brunch at Snax a few hours later. Notably, he once wrote a 1500 word essay from scratch in a span of 6 hours or so after going clubbing at Rascals. Teach us your ways Will!

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