Pick an Edinburgh landmark and we’ll tell you what you miss most about uni

An exact science

We all miss uni. Coronavirus has ripped it away from us, and temporarily gone are the afternoons wasted away in the library, nights out in in Cowgate, and even the ever persistent Mormons on Nicolson street. For some of us, we’ve even had to leave the beautiful city of Edinburgh behind.

Rather than be sad about what we’re missing, we could use this opportunity to remember all the best parts of going to uni in Edinburgh. Are you excited to ride your bike through the Meadows again? Catch the shuttle from George Square to Kings? Maybe you’re even dying to see that gorgeous Appleton Tower facade once more.

That’s the beauty of our university and city. There’s something in it for everyone.

So, using only strict scientific methods, we’ve made a quiz to determine what you miss most and can’t wait to get back to using your favourite thing about the city of Edinburgh.

Take the quiz below, and remember how great it’ll be when we’re finally reunited.