Is this the real life, is this just fantasy? Hive are launching virtual Trash Tuesdays

Hive til Five in my living room? Yes please!

Hive is the Marmite of the Edinburgh clubbing scene. Its slight permanent whiff of vomit (or as the bouncers would say, smells like teen spirit), the Fluorescent (Adolescent) of the green walls, and a floor that somehow manages to be simultaneously sticky and slippery, are all part of its grungy charm.  But when you inevitably end up there the chances are you’ll have the most fun you’ve had in ages – and for a lot less money than many other clubs in Edinburgh.

Trash Tuesdays are even more divisive. For one day a week, Hive swaps out its classic combo of cheese and charts for heavy metal and indie rock. It has a cult following and promises to be one of the wildest nights of your week – at least if you recognise the niche rock tunes being played.

We will see you all on the other side but until then, stay at home! #staysafe #stayathomeCredit: Grant Stott and Tom Duffin Photographer

Posted by The Hive on Wednesday, 22 April 2020

And, let’s be honest, you miss it. You’ve probably already made plans to go to Hive “once all of this is over” with your uni mates and you can’t bloody wait. Bopping around in the indie room to Chelsea Dagger after you’ve necked a skittlebomb trumps being sat at home any day of the week.

So, what if I told you that you can relive the magic of Hive from the comfort of your very own home. You don’t need to be a Mardy Bum any longer. Because Hive are launching virtual Trash Tuesdays! Something to look on the (Mr) Brightside about!

Missing TRASH Tuesdays and need a fix of Rock, Alt & Pop-Punk? Old Hive clubnight antics is streaming a Live DJ set of all your favourites now!

Posted by The Hive on Tuesday, 14 April 2020


Every Tuesday, Hive will now be livestreaming Trash Tuesday DJ sets from 9pm to 1am. There is also a chat box function, so you can recreate shouting at someone the moment they spill their drink onto you whilst attempting to mosh in the main room to Stacy’s Mom. Bliss.

They are also live-streaming some of their other regular clubnights including Cookie Wednesdays, Hi-Society Thursdays, and Flip Fridays.

It’s Flip Friday!.. tonight’s plan? 🍸 🧐

Posted by The Hive on Friday, 10 April 2020

The events are in collaboration with Antics and rather than charging for the virtual equivalent of entry, they are accepting donations where 20 per cent will be given to the NHS.

You no longer need to ask your pals to Wake (you) up when September ends for that eagerly awaited first Hive night out. Just enjoy your Cigarettes and Alcohol separately in your own homes and scream Wonderwall at the top of your voice – much to the annoyance of your neighbours (probably).

Photo credits: Gradatim Photography