Nominations for Edinburgh BNOC of the year 2020 are now open!

Rejoice, the highly esteemed award is BACK

With the semester coming to a rather unwelcome abrupt end, it is vital that we still recognise the legendary BNOCs of the last year. Do you have a friend worthy of submission? A scandal so juicy it simply must be shared? Well tell us your wildest stories to be in with the chance of winning the highest accolade possible, Edinburgh BNOC of the year.

Lest we forget our reigning champ, BNOC of the year 2019, Andrew Wilson. As both the President of EUSA and the man behind the Edinburgh Labour Students’ fundraiser club night Never Kissed a Tory,  it was no wonder he snatched the crown. Speaking to him after he won his award he said this was ‘truly the peak in his university life’ and was even tempted to ring his mum to let her know the good news. Can’t blame him.

Your nominations could stretch far and wide, from raising amazing amounts of money for charity, to being the star of a sports team. Alternatively, they could just be a total legend who needs recognition for their hilarity. Do you know the mastermind behind Edifess? The person who never misses a Hive till Five? The King or Queen of Pollock? We want to know.

Nominate someone by filling in the form below!