Tesco limited oat milk cartons to 5 per person after deeming it ‘essential’


Following the recent Covid-19 outbreak, and panic buying of the British public, Tesco has limited the number of cartons of oat and soya milk to five per person.

According to the sign above the milk-alternatives, Tesco is implementing this policy in order to ‘help give everyone access to essential items’.

These are not the only products missing from the shelves, there isn’t a single packet of pasta left in sight. Pasta la vista baby.

Penne for your thoughts?

Also missing from the shelves are tins of chopped tomatoes, anti bacterial wipes and spray, and of course toilet roll. Tescos have issued apologies on the shelves, whilst informing customers that the stock will next be replenished within the next two weeks.

Another 10 days!?

With the shelves looking more and more empty, it could be a while before we see the sweet sight of penne replenished.

Stop, drop and roll

If you need any updates on Coronavirus, you can see the university’s latest announcement here.