Someone has made a coronavirus updates page for Pollock Halls on Instagram

“Who has it? And who will it be next ? Message us with your updates…”

On Saturday evening, two medical professionals wearing hazmat suits were filmed entering Pollock Halls, believed to be attending a student located in D Block of Holland House. It has not yet been confirmed if the student tested positive for the virus.

Naturally, and as a result of the hysteria, a student has made an updates page on Instagram to track the presence of Covid-19 in Pollock Halls; asking fellow students to DM them with any information or tips they might have. The bio reads: “It’s happened. Course it has. But who has it? And who will it be next ? Message us with your updates…”.

The account’s posts range from memes about the virus hitting Pollock, to screenshots containing updates about confirmed cases in Scotland from major news sources. You can take a look at the content below whilst you patiently wait for them to accept your follow request.

“Stay safe, don’t die”. Thanks m8 that’s gr8 advice

“Having said that, you might still die”. Weirdly comforting

The account features some classic memes alongside actual coronavirus updates

Just pantry tings

*Googles where to buy a mask*

The account features equal parts quality memeage, equal parts scaremongering

No official statement has been released yet as regards the potential case of coronavirus in Pollock Halls. When contacted a few days ago, The University of Edinburgh told The Edinburgh Tab: “There is no action needed to be taken by those on campus.”

If you hear any updates regarding Covid-19 in Pollock Halls or at The University of Edinburgh, be sure to DM us on Instagram or message our Facebook page.