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Hating snow is not a substitute for a personality, try having some fun


Snow is falling, all around me. Students playing, having fun. Only to be RUINED by some scrooge who decides that snow is an inconvenience and should be melted and gritted before you can utter an innocent 'Do you wanna build a snowman?'

Let's be real, the earth is only graced by snow once in a blue moon, so instead of being angry we should be thrilled. If you can't beat them, join them.

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Sleigh all day

So why is snow is the best weather? In this essay I will. I could probably write a disertation on the magic of snow and the glory it brings to cold Monday mornings. But I'll save you the struggle and summarise it nicely below; as if you actually need to be convinced.

School's out, scream and shout

More often than not, the country goes in to meltdown. For the boring among us, this may strike fear into your core that your Deliveroo driver may not be able to reach you in under thirty minutes, but for the fun folk among us, it's utter thrill. The University has been known to shut its doors in extreme weather conditions, so here's hoping. An actual reason to miss your lectures? Sign me up.

You get to be a big kid again

Snow is one of those amazingly versatile things that is fun for all the family. Whether you're eight-years-old or eighty, you can enjoy hurdling a snowball at the back of your unsuspecting pal. Want to roll around in the snow like a pig in the mud at the ripe old age of twenty one? Be my guest, you wild thing.

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The cold never bothered me anyway

You're not one big sweaty mess all the time

Sure summer is great, but have you ever tried playing with a frisbee or piggy in the middle for more than 10 minutes? You're one big giant sweatball in the nick of time. But a snow day? Hours on end of frolicking about in the snow and still cold to the core. But alas, never fear my dear cold-o-phobes, you can always head inside for a big old hot chocolate to warm you up. Utter joy.

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Could this be more angellic?

How to have fun in the snow

Aka how to stop being a fun sponge and enjoy yourself. Snow is the best white powder on this given earth, and unanimously the most fun one too. Lest we forget how to actually enjoy the snow, here's a list of things you can do whilst living in your new-found winter wonderland.

1. Build a snowman

2. Go sledging

3. Have a snowball fight

4. Get an Instagram and caption it #snowmuchfun

5. Make a snow angel

6. Catch snowflakes on your tongue

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Winter is coming

But if you really can't deal with snow, don't worry, it'll be gone within three days anyway. Bring on the slush and ruined white Nike Air Max.