Here’s the revealing truth of what your bedroom plant says about you

Best be-leaf it

It's time to face the facts, a bedroom plant is not a substitute for a personality. Having said this, the plant chosen to have proudly on your windowsill or bedroom desk says a lot about you as a person, whether you like it or not.

Whether it's a cactus or an orchid, a sunflower or a succulent, your bedroom plant is basically a reflection of who you are as a person.

Thyme to delve deep, thistle be revealing.

A cactus

A bit like having a pet fish. Did anyone really want that in their lives? Fun to look at but does nothing, and is fed once in a blue moon. As a person, you're a bit of a legend by night, but your choice of plant becomes increasingly less fun when you attempt to pick it up drunk. A ballsy person by nature.

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Prickle city

An orchid

You bought this for the aesthetic and then realised it's actually more work than it's worth. You don't have time for this in your hectic lifetstyle, trying to balance work, play and everything in between. At least it'll look good on the gram.

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Mad regrets

A herb garden

Hello Veganuary! New year new you. It's a chance to get inventive with cooking and experimental with flavours. Probably placed right next to you Chilly's bottle and soy candle, it's all about the sustainability.

A bunch of flowers

If you've got your life together enough to actually have a vase to put these in, then I applaud you. Good vibes all round kind of person who somehow still jogs in the meadows even though it's winter.

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Such greenery


What a ray of light you are to this dull January weather. Started the day with an acai bowl which you put on your story with the hashtag #happymonday. You've big dreams for 2020, dreams as big as your matcha latte.

A succulent

Simple things please simple minds. You're a plain ham sandwich, Evian and Ready Salted meal deal kind of person. You also sit in the same seat at all of your lectures, quite the creature of habit. It's not all bad though, at least you're a no-fuss person, quite literally, life would 'succ' without you.

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A bonsai tree

You're kind of a big dill. Your flatmate has nothing to wear on a night out? They're coming to you. Someone needs to DJ this pre? Pass the aux to you. Nothing says boujee quite like bonsai, you're creative, fashionable and thriving. Congrats.

A fake plant

You're looking to give the illusion that you've got your life together but you definitely haven't. You can barely take care of yourself, let alone a plant. On the plus side, you're super low maintenance and easy going. Stress? What's that?

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Fake it till you make it

No plant

Your life is far too fast-paced to take care of a plant. That is so not your vibe, you're a grab and go kind of person. Welcome to life in the fast lane. Ain't nobody got thyme for that.