Revealed: Edinburgh University is urging students to kick out the Tories

And they suggest you attend Labour campaigning too

In a very unexpected turn of events, the University of Edinburgh is urging students to vote against the Tories and to sign up to campaign for the Labour Party.

In a post published on the official University of Edinburgh Sustainability Facebook page, students are implored to “please help do whatever you can to kick out the Tories!!”

Despite urging students to find the “closest marginal” to campaign against the Tories in, Edinburgh University seem to only want students to assist the Labour Party. The link they provide to sign up for campaigning takes you to the Momentum website and their map of where Labour needs the most help.

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The entire Facebook post reads: “The latest polls show that preventing 5 more years of the decimation of our public services, the hostile environment and a no-deal Brexit is still possible!!

“If you have a few hours to spare in the next few days, please help do whatever you can to kick out the Tories!! Conversations on the doorstep really change minds and will be key to preventing a Tory majority.

“Or find out your closest marginal that needs your help on polling day:”

As a registered charitable body it is illegal for Edinburgh University to support a political party.

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Update: A spokesperson for the University of Edinburgh has told The Edinburgh Tab: “As a charity and publicly-funded institution, the University of Edinburgh is politically neutral. The post in question was published in error and has since been removed.”