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Tragedy strikes as ATIK’s light-up dance floor is ripped up

Say it ain’t so

On Monday morning, popular Edinburgh nightclub ATIK shared a photo on its Facebook page of its iconic light-up dance floor being torn apart.

The eye-catching dance floor – a hallmark of the ATIK clubbing experience – is being sacrificed to the club's most recent makeover.

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Break my heart why don't you

The post has gathered over 950 comments and has attracted much disappointment and criticism. Many are wondering why ATIK would make such a radical decision, and get rid of something so universally loved.

From the seshing location of choice for Edinburgh students' Friday nights, to a shooting location for Trainspotting 2, there was nothing the light-up floor couldn't provide.

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All of us @ this announcement

The heartbreaking news, however, comes with a teaser of 'exciting things' coming soon, with an announcement scheduled for Friday 13th.

The page has also been actively replying to comments, leaving various cryptic messages which suggest that maybe all hope isn't lost.

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So, is our favourite floor just getting a revamp? Or will we have to say goodbye forever? ATIK sure has us on the edge of our seats.

Photography credits: James Gourlay