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Number of cases of mumps in young adults on the rise in Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh students are among those who have fallen ill

The number of cases of mumps seen in the 18-22-years-old category has been on the rise in Edinburgh and the Lothians over the past few months. Some of the cases have involved students at the University of Edinburgh, confirmed by the Uni via an email sent to all students this morning.

Mumps is an acute viral illness that spreads easily from person to person, through coughing, sneezing, or direct exchange of saliva.

The virus is most recognisable by the swelling of glands in the side of the face under the ears. The other symptoms are varied and include a fever, headache, aching muscles and loss of appetite.

As it currently stands, there is no cure for mumps, but the infection usually passes within one to two weeks.

A statement on the University website reads: 'A person with mumps symptoms should stay away from work, college or university for five days after the swelling first starts to reduce the risk of spreading the infection. They should also limit their contact with other people during this time.'

It continues: 'If you are concerned that you may have contracted mumps then you should NOT attend university and advice should be sought from your GP by telephone.'

More information about mumps and the signs and symptoms, treatment, complications and prevention can be found following this link.