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An extensive list of the very best neon signs in Edinburgh, ranked

Light it up

Everyone wants to channel their inner VSCO girl every now and again, and nothing screams 'grammable' like a good old fashioned neon sign.

The best way to light up your feed is with some neon text mounted on a wall, some killer photography and a heavy filter.

Here's where in Edinburgh you can find the very best signs and live out your neon dreams.

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'You're the bollocks'

Location: Garibaldis

Pros: A welcome reminder of your superiority during your night out

Cons: Prepare to be smushed in Gazza's to capture this poetic truth

Ranking: 6/10

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'Oh isn't it wild?'

Location: Lulu's

Pros: Very easy to pose with, at perfect height

Cons: Creme Soda no longer exists, rip

Ranking: 7/10

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'Not all those who wander are lost'

Location: Robertson's Close

Pros: Makes for a strong album cover pic

Cons: The type of slogan you'd see in an embarrassing instagram bio

Ranking: 4/10

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'Oh you pretty things'

Location: Medusa hairdressers, Teviot Place

Pros: It's pretty and pink and a welcome compliment as you wander by

Cons: Everyone getting their hair done can see you snapping the sign. Plus, the 's' isn't lit up.

Ranking: 8/10

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'Jack lives here.'

Location: La Belle Angele

Pros: Fantastic if your name is Jack

Cons: Not unique, can be spotted in various bars around the city

Ranking: 5/10

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'Viva la Cowgate'

Location: Subway

Pros: Can fool your followers into thinking you're in a cool Spanish Reggaeton club when in reality you're in the depths of Cowgate

Cons: Everyone puts it on their story. Everyone.

Ranking: 7/10

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'Tequila + me = lucky you'

Location: Garibaldis

Pros: A mathematical truth

Cons: Full of lies – tequila + me = never a good combination

Ranking: 6/10

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Location: Bourbon

Pros: Apparently the only blue neon sign in Edinburgh

Cons: It's outside, so you'll have to brave the cold smoking area to snap a pic

Ranking: 4/10

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'Immoral or wicked behaviour encouraged'

Location: Juju's

Pros: Profound. Lyrical. Poetic. Sets the tone for your Monday night.

Cons: You'll have to push through a lot of Pollock freshers to get this picture

Ranking: 8/10

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'This is where the magic happens…'

Location: Pizza Posto, Nicolson Street

Pros: The restaurant adds a cool aesthetic

Cons: Will have to buy a pizza to be able to get this pic (not necessarily a huge loss)

Ranking: 9/10

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'Where is hero'

Location: Dog House

Pros: So philosophical that you could reference it in your next essay

Cons: Doesn't really make sense, actually on the ceiling

Ranking: 2/10

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Location: Bourbon

Pros: Shows you go out on a Thursday and are still up for mid-week madness

Cons: The same sign as before, but in red. Have to push to front of the bar queue and dodge the bartenders to snap the pic.

Ranking: 3/10

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'Get dirty'

Location: Garibaldis

Pros: The mirror ceiling adds a whole new dimension to your picture

Cons: Terrible instruction for club etiquette

Ranking: 5/10

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'Don't grow up, it's a trap'

Location: PDT

Pros: Profound truth, surrounded by other cool signs

Cons: May lead to an existential crisis

Ranking: 7/10