A video is going round of someone getting ‘fully fingered’ in Atik

It is *quite* something

A video is doing the rounds on Twitter of a man "fully" fingering a woman in Atik over the weekend.

Captured by Twitter user Nathan, the three-second clip shows the lady leaning back into her friend while he gets busy. She can be seen gyrating along to the action, while a perplexed onlooker sits next to them.

After tweeting the video with the caption "still can't believe a watched a burd get fully fingered in the middle of Atik last night," Nathan told The Edinburgh Tab: "I've been in some states myself but I've never had the urge to do something like that."

Nathan told The Edinburgh Tab the couple were kicked out after "doing it for five to 10 minutes."

"I was just a bit shocked," he said.

Nathan said he was at Atik with his girlfriend when he saw the couple going at it. He told The Edinburgh Tab: "They were just as shocked.

We've seen stuff like that in clubs before but it was just how obvious they made it."

A spokesperson for Atik told The Edinburgh Tab: "While we encourage our customers to enjoy their night, this type of behaviour is clearly unacceptable and we encourage all customers to report any inappropriate behaviour to our team so appropriate action can be taken."

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