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Lost hamster reunited with owners thanks to Edi student’s Meadows Share post

’50 Cent’ had been missing for a week

A hamster has been successfully reunited with its owners after an Edinburgh Nursing student found it hiding in a stairwell.

Hannah Mac posted pictures of the hamster, named 50 Cent, on Meadows Share on Wednesday morning. In the post, she said her boyfriend had come home to find the "cute little fella sitting in his stairwell."

50 Cent's owners were reunited with her by the end of the day, and told The Edinburgh Tab: "We honestly thought we'd never see her again. We're so happy to have her back. The family reunited."

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Hundreds of comments were left underneath the original post, which read: "My boyfriend came home last night and found this cute little fella sitting in his stairwell! Found near Holyrood Palace.

"If you know anyone that has lost a hamster in this area please share this post. Trying to get it back to its home."

The post went on to gather almost 600 likes and over 100 comments.

Some commenters suggested having the SSPCA pick 50 Cent up, while others offered to take care of her.

The owner's flatmate, Ana, later commented a picture of her and 50 Cent, telling Meadows Shire: "I’m her flatmate. Her name is 50 Cent.

"Meryl and I co-parent with Carla."

Within an hour of the post going up, Meryl Parker, 50 Cent's rightful owner, joined in the comments. Eventually she DM'd Hannah and arranged to pick up the hamster.

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50cent's owners told The Edinburgh Tab: "We lost her a week ago and we honestly thought we'd never see her again. We're so happy to have her back. The family reunited.

"We need to get her checked before it's a happy ending though. She is lovely but she's limping."

Since then, we can reveal 50 Cent has been taken to the vet and is miraculously well and unharmed, all thanks to a Meadows Share post.

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The escape artist herself

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