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Here are five unreal things to expect from a night out at Rascals

Brush up on your Drake

When Thursday hits, I know for a fact that there's no better way to bring in the weekend than a night out at Rascals.

With the RnB blaring and the drinks flowing, Bourbon on a Thursday is the best place to dust off your dancing shoes and warm up those vocal cords for an iconic night you will not forget.

Rascals has a reputation for being one of the best mid-week club nights in Edinburgh and if you've been you'll definitely know why.

However, if you're new to the scene, here's five things you can expect from a night at Rascals.

A whole lot of Hip Hop

If there's one thing you can rely on from a night out at Rascals, it's a whole lot of Hip Hop and RnB. In the main dance floor area you'll hear a whole load of Drake, Kanye, Beyonce, Migos, Post Malone, Cardi B and Rihanna – it's just a night full of absolute bangers. Get ready to spit some rhymes and impress your mates as you effortlessly and flawlessly deliver Kendrick Lamar's Humble verse.

There's something for everyone though, and the room two dance floor welcomes a whole host of House and Disco for all those midnight ravers.

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Bring on Funky Friday

The most attractive people in Edinburgh

It's an unspoken stereotype that Rascals attracts the fittest people in Edinburgh. There must be something in the water because you'll be surrounded by intimidatingly cool people. Dress to impress and go with the hopes of pulling at least an eight out of ten.

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Queens with crowns to prove it

Super cheap drinks

An ode to the drinks at Rascals. Long gone are the days of having to have an extra long pre because you know you'll only be able to afford one single mixer in the club at best. At Rascals, the drinks can flow without you breaking the bank and you'll be back at the bar ordering another before you can say AJ Tracey live and direct.

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Pass me the moet

The best club photography

We've all been caught out by a club photographer before. Either you're mid dance move, too busy downing your drink or right in the middle of spitting the lyrics to Sicko Mode. However, there is something about Rascals which is able to capture anyone's best side. The camera flatters anyone and everyone so get ready to gram some killer photos, the most ideal memoirs from the night.

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Album cover ready

A wild time

If there's one thing you can guarantee from Rascals, it's a pretty wild night out. Whether this be the whole night spent singing your heart out and throwing some serious shapes on the dance floor, or having a few drinks whilst surrounded by the fittest people in Edinburgh. You'll definitely have a wild night to remember.

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So nice, you drink it twice

All in all Rascals is the best mid-week club night and there's no convincing me otherwise.