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A fourth year has started a campaign to bring Tennent’s back to Teviot

An extremely worthwhile cause

A SRUC student has started an online campaign for Tennent's to be returned to Teviot. The students' union bar recently stopped selling the lager – a move which ignited the apparent outrage of various members of the student body.

Iain Wallace, the fourth year behind the madness, started the campaign a week ago and has gathered around 200 signatures so far.

His inspiring petition message reads: 'When I was a young fresher back in 2016, one could buy a pint of Tennant's for £2.70 and everything was ok. Then the price went up to £3 but we struggled on. But now, Teviot have decided to swap Tennent's out in favour of Carling with no plan of bringing Tennent's back. I know, I'm as shocked as you.

'This is why we need to come together as a university, nay, as a nation, to bring back what is rightfully ours. Do it for Scotland, do it for future generations, do it for the sesh. Thank you and please share this with friends, fellow students and lovers of Tennent's to help support this great cause.'

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Comments left on the campaign page can only be described as colourful with a common theme of anti-English sentiment.

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One of the more passionate responses to the decision

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The move was described as a 'shambles'

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Iain told The Edinburgh Tab: 'Well for me Tennent's has always been there for me since I started uni. Some of my fondest memories have been going to Teviot after curling and drinking Tennent's with my friends.

'It's a drink of the people, particularly students. If enough people sign the petition, future students can share the joy of having a pint of Scotland's favourite lager in Teviot again.'

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Iain posing with a Tennent's

If you share in Iain's heartbreak you can sign his petition right now by following this link.