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A Scottish island is on the market for less than an Edinburgh flat

Anyone looking for cheaper accommodation?

Ever find yourself wanting more space, less mice and an escape from your flatmates?

Look no further: this entire Scottish island is being sold for less than an Edinburgh flat.

Just off the west coast of Scotland, Insh island is on the market for a guide price of £125,000.

The island has everything a uni student could possibly want: cliff faces, rocky outcrops and rough grass lands. Not only this, but it also has the ruins of two croft cottages and a cave.

The previous owner is thought to have lived in a cave on the island for a few years, which probably provides just as much heating as a flat in Edinburgh anyways.

Image may contain: Peninsula, Coast, Shoreline, Ocean, Sea, Water, Land, Nature, Outdoors

Extending over 90 acres, you could invite just about the entire Edinburgh University to your island-warming party.

No more trying to find a place to set up your bbq on the meadows or trying to get a landlord to fix your boiler: on Insh you are the king of the castle.

Only a four hour drive from Edinburgh, the island provides the city escape you might just be looking for. Everyone knows it's important to get away from campus, and out at sea you won't be bothered by the looming figure of Appleton Tower everywhere you look.

You might want to set your alarm real early to make it to your 9 am though.