Edinburgh’s finally getting a new sports night and it’s opening this Wednesday

Please fill the Creme-shaped hole in our hearts

A brand new sports night ICE Wednesdays is opening at Atik this week.

With the slow, painful death of Creme Soda – honestly RIP – and the recent closure of Espionage, many sports teams will be starting back unsure of the fate of their socials. ICE Wednesdays may just be the Durham University Players-style night for all sports we've all been waiting for.

Let the sharking commence

Edinburgh nightlife is nothing short of colourful with a hugely varied array of nightclubs, pubs and bars to hit up every night of the week. However, when it comes to Wednesday sports night – the most popular student night UK-wide – the city struggles to meet the standards set by the likes of Durham, Loughborough and Cardiff.

Why Not's LOVE Wednesdays is the official sponsor of QMU, Edinburgh University Sports Union, and Edinburgh Napier University, but one club night to accommodate all those teams from all three unis was never going to cut it.

ICE Wednesdays is open to all universities and is offering partnerships and deals for sports teams and societies. With a number of Edinburgh Uni clubs signed up already, including Women's Lacrosse, Futsal, ChemEngSoc, Athletics, Tennis, Hockey and EconSoc, it's shaping up to be a banger of a night.

Posted by ICE Wednesdays on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Edinburgh Tab spoke exclusively to the organisers who felt there was a gap in the market for a mid-week night in Atik, a venue with plenty of potential as one of the city's biggest nightclubs.

They took advice and direction from the presidents and captains of some of Edinburgh's largest sports clubs and societies in order to conjure up what they feel is the winning formula for the sports night Edi has been waiting for.

Sports and societies will have the opportunity to receive queue skip, discounted entry, tables, joint marketing, merch, and special deals for big events in their calendars.

Thumbs up for joint sport socials!

Sean from University of Edinburgh Futsal said: 'I’ve heard that joint socials are great fun and encourage more members of the club to come along. Hopefully this will give different clubs more of a reason to integrate their events with others.'

The opening night is this Wednesday 11th September. You can find out more details by following this link.