The great Hive fire: What actually happened?

A real disco inferno

This morning Hive nightclub experienced a whole new level of getting lit.

Firefighters were called at 8.34am to extinguish flames outside the club, which were caused by a bin that had set alight.

By 10am the incident was resolved.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the bin was set alight intentionally.

However, a bartender at a nearby venue told The Edinburgh Tab that his boss saw someone set the rubbish on fire.

He said: "My manager told me a man pulled a wheelie bin full of paper and leaflets and set it alight right next to the Hive door."

The fire caused minimal damage to the club's exterior and the interior is unaffected.

Hive Till Five will remain open tonight.

The club is making the most of today's events, with new flame themed artwork on social media and a Facebook event for tonight titled "Hive Till Fire – Fire Sale".

Hive told The Edinburgh Tab: "We believe some rubbish caught fire.

"Might have been the heat or some crazy ragamuffin, but there was minimal damage done to our exterior and we will be open for Hive Till Five tonight as planned."