‘Underachieving’ Subway nightclub could be transformed into a pod hotel

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Subway in Cowgate could soon be no more, as plans have been submitted to transform the venue into a hotel and restaurant.

Property owners the Bruce Group submitted plans to Edinburgh City Council yesterday, citing a "poor frontage", according to Edinburgh Live.

The group hopes to revamp both Subway and nearby venue The Cowshed. The design statement sent by the group said Subway was "under-achieving," and claimed some of The Cowshed's facilities were inadequate.

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The properties' owners, the Bruce Group, are set on "reviving" the two venues by transforming them into seemingly more upmarket destinations.

Architects behind proposed new developments described Subway as an "under-achieving asset, with poor frontage smaller than its neighbouring venues."

The design statement read: "Subway operates seven nights a week and has DJs along with live music appealing to a young main stream set.

"Opium and Sneaky Pete’s next door to the east similarly operate seven days a week and have DJs and live music.

"Each of these venues have a complementary audience with Opium appealing to Goth/Metal/ Punk and Sneaky Pete’s the young up and coming more fashionable set."

Plans were also submitted to revamp The Cowshed, known for playing host to one-off events including Halloween raves and Fly specials.

The design statement read: "The venue has a temporary very rustic feel and whilst the venue satisfies the regulations as a temporary venue the facilities are of a poor quality.

"Toilets opening out directly onto a bar space with wash hand basins within the bar space are not an ideal arrangement."

Proposals for the area include a 26-room "pod hotel", a restaurant with a "street food market atmosphere" and a new "Cowgate Ceilidh Club".

The architects said: "It is of critical importance that any new proposed business within an existing building can be operated successfully and with efficiency all of which assist in enabling and maintaining a very high quality.

"This coupled with enhancing the historical value of the building both externally and internally helps potentially to deliver a truly sustainable business that can really add value to the city.""

No timeframe for the new developments have been confirmed or set in stone just yet.

A spokesperson for Subway told The Edinburgh Tab: "Subway Cowgate nightclub is part of the long term plans for the site. See you all in August for VIVA LA 5am."