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The 2019 Love Island contestants as Edinburgh club nights


Love Island contestants and Edinburgh club nights have more in common than you might think. Both have spent years trying to cultivate a certain vibe for themselves, be it for fame, money, or love, and their status means everything to them.

Whether they are the underdog, a fan favourite or, god forbid, irrelevant, their image determines everything that matters for them. For Edinburgh clubs, it's how much money they're making. For the Love Island contestants, it's the difference between them sponsoring car fresheners or promoting their very own Misguided line upon leaving the villa.

So lo and behold, here's a definitive list of all the Edinburgh club nights as Love Island contestants.

Michael Griffiths – Garibaldi's

Honest, funny and reliable, Michael is the Garribaldi's of the Love Island villa. He is loved by almost everyone watching Love Island and is quickly becoming a national treasure.

Whether it's his generally fun and endearing demeanour, or him calling out Danny for acting like a dick with Yewande, Michael is as comforting and necessary as a Gazzas special after receiving a midterm result. Both Michael and Garibaldi's are the best of their kind.

Maura Higgins – Hive

A last ditch resort. Nobody really wants to go there and nobody really likes it. Maura trying to kiss Tommy is about as successful as your mates when they try to convince you to go to Hive – it's just never going to happen. There's no denying that Maura Higgins is peak Hive.

Amber Rose Gil – Rascals

One of the most popular contestants in the Love Island Villa, and one of the most popular clubs in Edinburgh, Amber is the epitome of Edinburgh's Rascals. They are both fit, popular, and guaranteed to go psycho if you play them.

Molly Mae Hague – Flare Mondays

A firm fan favourite. Fit, fun and a great time, Molly Mae and Flare Mondays go together like tequila shots and lime.

Tommy Fury – Love Wednesdays

Stanned by the sporty crowd and overall pretty basic, Tommy Fury is quite clearly the Love Wednesdays of the Love Island contestants.

Arabella Chi – JuJu Mondays

Intimidatingly and effortlessly fit, there's no denying that Arabella would fit right in at JuJu Mondays. Somehow, she'd always know the DJ, she'd have free queue skip, and would glide around EastSide like the mysterious, almighty BNOC she is.

Anna Valiki – Creme Soda

Irrelevant, next.

Curtis Pritchard – Big Cheese

The granddad of the Edinburgh club scene. Loved by some, tolerated by others, Curtis and the Big Cheese have a lot in common. While there are some who seriously stan Curtis, and seriously stan Big Cheese, most just consider them inoffensive, like the Orange VK flavour.

Lucie Donlan – Tamagotchi Tuesdays

Kind of an underdog, but still stanned by many, Lucie Donlan and Tamagotchi Tuesdays go hand in hand, from their laid back sexy-fit look to their subtly edgy vibe. Although both are liked, there are few that will call either Lucie, or Tamagotchi Tuesdays, a favourite.

Yewande Biala – Hector's House

Yewande, like Hector's, is a one of a kind, and one of the best islanders the Villa has to offer. Edgy, fun, a certified good time and loved by many, Yewande is easily the Hector's House of the Love Island villa.

Anton Danyluk – Please Don't Tell

There's no denying that Anton is a total underdog, just like Edinburgh's Please Don't Tell. Class, and severely underrated, despite the fact that no one's really going there or talking about them. Anton is a hidden gem of the villa, just like Please Don't Tell is a hidden gem of the Edinburgh club scene.

Amy Hart – Milk Tuesdays

No one really likes Amy, just like no one really likes Milk Tuesdays. The only reason we're still paying attention to either of them is for the memes.

Danny Williams – Silk Thursday's

You had a moment, but it's over. Just like when Silk moved from it's original venue to Liquid Rooms, when Danny moved from definitely Yewande to maybe Yewande but also Arabella, both quickly fell out of favour from the public.

Joe – Shanghai

Relevant in Fresher's week when you don't know where to go, and then never again. Gone and definitely forgotten.