Proposed new council laws put Fly Open Air at risk of cancellation

Pack away your flares and fishnets

If adopted, a new law being proposed by Edinburgh City Council would force Fly Open Air to be cancelled.

The proposed legislation reduces the space available for events in Princes Street Gardens by one third. This would make it impossible for the hugely popular Fly Open Air to be run safely.

Zoning changes imposed by the law would require Fly to move all toilets, food, bars and medical assistance to the dance floor area.

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Responding to the proposed law, owner and organiser of Fly Open Air, Tom Ketley, told The Tab Edinburgh: "These new rules would essentially move all the toilets, bars, food and medical onto the dance floor because of zoning changes.

"Logistically this is impossible, and it would make the event completely unsafe and nonviable. There would be no event perimeter, causing major safety problems."

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The newly proposed laws are said to have come as backlash to a series of disruptive pop and rock concerts that took place in Princes Street Gardens at the Edinburgh Fringe last year.

However, Ketley told The Edinburgh Tab: "We feel that (the past mistakes of other concerts) shouldn't affect us, because we've always operated under a radar, not really causing any problems."

Ketley has launched a petition to 'Save Fly Open Air', citing "cultural snobbery" as the leading charge against the festival.

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