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Edinburgh BNOC of the Year 2019: Final round

The final four nominees are here

After meeting an abundance of BNOCs in Round One, Round Two and Round Three, not to mention the many more who were nominated in the first place, we have our final four BNOC nominees to introduce before the competition proceeds to the next round. We know you're dying from the anticipation so, without further ado, roll on the nominees who might just be the spiciest so far.

Harry Hitchens, 2nd year, Chemical Engineering

Harry scored at Rugby Varsity 2018. Did you know Harry Hitchens scored at Varsity this year? If not, you have never met Harry Hitchens, because Harry Hitchens has told everyone he has ever met that Harry Hitchens scored at Varsity.

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Legend has it Harry Hitchens scored at Varsity

Jamie Cotta, 2nd year, Economics

Jamie is most well-known for running and DJing at Juju’s, the only place for a resident of Pollock Halls to be seen on a Monday night. When he’s not spinning decks, Jamie can be found mastering his uppercut in the ring, going under the absolutely terrifying nickname of Jamie “Panna” Cotta. However, despite his hardcore exterior, Jamie is described as a “massive schweff who knows every girl in Surrey”.

At a rugby social last year, Jamie went in to give his girlfriend a kiss from behind. When he pulled back from locking lips with the girl, he realised she was, in fact, not his girlfriend, but his girlfriend’s best friend. The girlfriend was instead standing next to them and, yep, you guessed it, saw the whole thing.

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"Massive schweff" Jamie on the left is the man behind the iconic Juju's

Callum Sibley, 3rd year, Sports Management

Despite only being in 3rd year, Callum’s claim to fame is that he has, rather impressively, attended a grand total of 85 Big Cheeses. That is a LOT of Cheese. According to his nomination, you may not know his name, but you’ll all know his face – the guy is never not there. At this point, you might as well say Callum’s name on the door for discounted entry.

Word on the street is that Callum eats his cornflakes with Buckfast instead of milk. You heard it here first.

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Callum has hit Big Cheese a massive 85 times

Tim Longley, 2nd year, Computer Science

Described as a hero to all the lads and loved by all the girls, Tim is “not only king of Computer Science, but the king of everyone’s heart”. How very moving.

Tim loves inviting people over for dinner and often over-invites. Never wanting to let down a soul when he doesn’t have enough food, he runs all over town sourcing extra ingredients. In doing so, he sees more and more people he knows, and invites them all to dinner too. After making enough Mac and Cheese to feed half of Edinburgh once, he excitedly burst into the room, managing to drop the whole thing all over his friend, Connie. “You’ve ruined my sweater!” Connie screamed, to which Tim replied: “Sweater, I barely even know her”. He proceeded to drop the mic, and the crowd allegedly went wild. Connie didn’t get it, but not to worry, Connie, neither do we. Nonetheless, Tim seems like a great guy.

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Tim has a tendency to invite half of Edinburgh to his dinner parties

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