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Edinburgh BNOC of the Year 2019: Round One

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We asked for BNOCs and, oh boy, did you pull through. Nominees were as worthy as they were varied, spanning the city's four unis and their respective societies, clubs, sports, and cults (yes Edinburgh Uni's Taylor Swift Society – we're talking to you).

The process to find THE biggest BNOC is far from complete, however. The next stage will entail a number of rounds highlighting the most deserved nominees, followed by a poll at the bottom to vote for your favourite.

Scroll on to see the inspiring individuals that Round One has to offer…

Anusan Wijayendran, 4th year, Medicine

Anusan was nominated for being the founder of Conscious in Edinburgh. Conscious aims to raise awareness and remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues amongst students, and selects a number of mental health charities to raise money for each year. Through events like the Conscious Ball, the team managed to raise an incredible £27,000 this year, and has even bigger and better plans for the upcoming year.

Aside for doing some amazing things for charity, Anusan, very rightly so, likes to treat himself here and there also. He allegedly spent £300 on his hair and outfit for Lord of the Ring, only to be described as "Bambi on ice", spending more time on the floor than standing up.

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Conscious raised an incredible £27,000 for six mental health charities this year

Jasmine Kazantzis, 1st year, Economics and Business

With the highest number of nominations, fresher Jasmine seems to have already made quite a name for herself in Edinburgh. However, her BNOC status arose even before setting foot in Pollock Halls. She is most known for being extremely active on the group chat the summer before uni started, earning herself the iconic title of the "Queen of the Chancellor's group chat". What a legacy.

She went on to host a pres that the whole year was invited to, and is now described by friends as a "sesh gremlin". Jasmine is said to get annoyed when she gets called a BNOC, but we know she loves it really.

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All hail the queen of the Chancellor's group chat

Matthew Sedman, 3rd year, Anthropology

Matthew is renowned for being one of the most recognisable students on campus, largely due to to his “erotic and eye-catching” fashion sense. He is also a big deal in the Edinburgh student theatre world, with one of his most notable works being a play about penguins from Hull, which was inspired by his hometown aquarium. He currently holds the role of President of the Theatre Paradok, and is the former Business Manager at Bedlam. Matthew once didn’t get paid by EUSA for so long that he almost resorted to taking legal action.

Matthew’s talents don’t end there, however, with him having a passion for making ASMR videos for his friends. He also runs the Arts Show on Fresh Air Radio, where he allegedly loves to talk about gout on air. Matthew may not have got into Berghaim that one time, but is still clearly a very deserving candidate for BNOC of the year.

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Matthew has a passion for making his own ASMR videos

Imogen Challen, 1st year, Chemistry

Scientist Imogen is another fresher who has made a bit of a name for herself in her first year at uni. She is said to get along with, and talk to, everyone, and it is rumoured that she can’t go more than five minutes without bumping into someone she knows. You better leave early when walking to a lecture with Imogen – it is said to take her 30 minutes just to walk through central.

Imogen once got a bit tiddled and decided there was no better a place to take refuge than her mate’s shower in halls. She was found in the said shower a grand total of nine hours later – still asleep, and with the water running.

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Why not 'shower' Imogen with love by voting for her below

Tom Raine, 2nd year, Spanish and Portuguese

Tom is another candidate who received several nominations this year, and for good reason too. His friends claim they can’t go more than 30 seconds when with him without at least three people coming up to him for a chat. One even compared walking around campus with Tom as similar to being on a commuter train, with every single person stopping to say hello to him. Tom is said to have time for everyone, with his popularity apparent even within the local community. He is said to be greeted with a handshake every time he sets foot in Ephesius.

Described as a professional indie white boy, Fresh Air Radio star, gig-goer extraordinaire, and a big name in both NorthSoc and Hare and Hounds, Tom, with his “infectious smile”, is undeniably one of Edinburgh's biggest BNOCs. Can we sign up to be his friend also?

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Bet that smile would be even bigger if he won

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