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EUSA officially support a second referendum on Brexit

They’re calling for a People’s Vote with remain on the ballot


At a EUSA Student Council meeting in October of this university year, attendees overwhelmingly voted in favour of a resolution mandating EUSA to support a People's Vote on Brexit.

Ten students voted against the motion, while 77 voted in favour, meaning it immediately passed and was confirmed as official policy.

Students recently voted overwhelmingly at Student Council for a motion mandating the Students’ Association and…

Posted by Edinburgh University Students' Association on Thursday, November 8, 2018

The motion states EUSA's proposed actions:

"1. Mandate EUSA Sabbatical Officers to endorse a People's Vote and lead on engaging with the People’s Vote campaign… in seeking to achieve a vote on the terms of any Brexit deal.

"2. EUSA should lead in lobbying elected government representatives across its constituent areas to pledge to support a People’s Vote within their roles and in wider society.

"3. If a People’s Vote is achieved, Edinburgh University Students' Association should continue to honour their policy passed on 31st March 2016 and campaign to Remain in the EU."

?? DON'T FORGET the European Parliament elections are THIS THURSDAY!!! ??? You can have your say in electing members to…

Posted by Georgie Vpc Harris on Monday, May 20, 2019

EUSA President-elect, Andrew Wilson, who proposed the motion himself, told The Tab Edinburgh: "I think it’s 100 per cent the right decision that EUSA support a People's Vote. When students overwhelming voted to remain in the EU, and when so many students who are at university now didn’t get a chance to vote in 2016, it makes complete and fair sense.

"I implore everyone to get out and vote in the upcoming EU elections so we can make the hope of a People's Vote become reality."

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Posted by Georgie Vpc Harris on Monday, May 13, 2019

EUSA Vice President, Georgie Harris, who has been ardently campaigning around campus and on social media for a People's Vote, said: "The Students’ Association is proud to back the campaign for a people’s vote on Brexit – so many of our students were too young to vote in 2016 and deserve a say on their future.

"No one voted for this ridiculous situation and young people’s voices need to be heard – including EU students who were denied a vote in the last EU referendum. This is fair and democratic. We as young people need to make our voices heard."