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New Lord of the Rings series to be filmed in Edinburgh this summer

‘At dawn, look to Leith’

A one billion pound new Lord Of The Rings TV adaptation at a warehouse in Leith in rumoured to be in the works. Production is set to start this August, and should continue until November.

The warehouse, built in 2000, was most recently used to film Avengers: Infinity War back in 2017.

Allegedly Amazon Studios will be producing the five-series adaptation, which is said to be the most expensive show in history – beating out Game of Thrones for the title.

A representative from the production revealed: "The [filming] will return for another three months from next March. There could be more after that. It’s a massive contract and a gigantic boost for the studio and for Scotland."

Sir Ian McKellen has also expressed his interest in reprising his iconic role of Gandalf for the series, which means he could become a regular fixture in Edi – so stay tuned.