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Deadlines getting too much? Here are the best places to cry on campus

Cry me a river

Almost two full years at the University of Edinburgh has put me through both the best and the worst times of my life. Being an extensively emotional person, and working through almost everything by crying, means that there have been plenty of moments where I've found myself shedding a couple of tears on campus. After having made the mistakes of crying in the back of a lecture theatre or in the library café, I have slowly found the best places to have a little sob on campus. Unsure of where to go or looking for a new location for your next sesh? Read on.

The library staircase

The library staircase is often filled with people having a snack, gossiping with their friends, or conducting frenzied phone calls. Its ultimate perk: it's a staircase, so nobody is permanently in the same space as you, staring you down while you cry. Other than people occasionally walking past to get to a different floor, this is a highly private location. Additionally, its close proximity to your library desk makes it the perfect place for a study break in the form of crying. Tip: to minimise staircase traffic, head up to the fourth or fifth floor, and schedule in your cry for around half past the hour when less people are moving around.

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Nice and quiet

Bayes Café

Of all the cafés on campus, Bayes is definitely the superior. Spacious, modern, bright, and homely, it is the prime spot to work, relax – and best of all, cry. The comfortable chairs and big couches give you plenty of choice as to where you would most like to have your sesh. Furthermore, everyone in there is super focused on their work, lunch or friends, giving you the privacy you require. If you prefer not having many witnesses, Bayes is extremely quiet before 12:30. Alternatively, if you're a public crier and don't mind an audience, things can get quite busy between 1pm and 3pm.

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Crying again

Insider tip: the bathrooms by Bayes are absolutely gorgeous, decked out with a sink and huge doors that are completely soundproof. If you like to cry away from anyone and everything, I would recommend doing it in there.

George Square Gardens

Central, easy to reach, a good breeze to calm you down, and isolated enough so you can be loud. The beautiful and underrated patch of greenery in the middle of our campus can be the perfect location for your next cry. Upset after your lecture in David Hume, or frustrated after five hours in the library? George Square Gardens are always close by. Other than on the two sunny days in the year, it is very easy to find a quiet spot on a bench, where the fresh air can do wonders for your anxiety. The winds in Edinburgh also mean that you can make just as much noise as you want without worrying about being heard. Another perk is that during your cry you can take a good look at the squirrels and the trees, and remind yourself of the beautiful things in life.

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Fourth floor of the library

Crying at your desk in the library comes with multiple perks. Whereas some people might use their 10 minute break to scroll through Facebook or watch a YouTube video, you use it to shed a couple of tears. Without having to move and disrupt what you're doing, your cry can be a very efficient use of your time. Alternatively, if you can multitask, this is the perfect way to get your essay and your crying done for the day. The best part – it's a silent area, so nobody is going to take the time to ask if you're ok. Instead, you're likely to be surrounded by other students having breakdowns, crying, or taking a nap. Disclaimer: if you're a very audible crier you might want to select a different location to work out your emotions.

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Bring on the tears

On a serious note, university is a stressful environment and we live in a weird world. Remember to give yourself the space and time to deal with your emotions, and don't be afraid to show them. A couple of tears are nothing to be embarrassed over – we've all been there. Pick a place where you're comfortable and do what you have to do. Also, if you find yourself crying more than usual and unable to deal with your emotions, reach out to a friend, parent, tutor, or mental health service. Your emotional health is more important than anything else.