Here are all the best signs from Edinburgh’s student climate strike


On Friday, Edinburgh Uni students joined over 1000 other young people at Edinburgh's Youth Climate Strike, in solidarity with school children around the country protesting the lack of action by the government in combatting climate change. Here are some of our favourite signs.

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Neither Ariana nor Shrek are going to be happy if the planet dies.

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And why contribute to global warming when there are so many fun alternatives?

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These are short and sweet, but definitely get the message across

If a student can make it out at 9am, climate change must be kind of a big deal.

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These students were campaigning for greater legislation on single use plastic, a halt to the investment in fossil fuel extraction, and more commitment from government to create sustainable economic and environmental policy.

We need large-scale, systemic change – and here are some ways you can play your part.

Sign this petition to reduce plastic packaging in supermarkets:

Contact your Local MP:

Or you could just become a lawyer or politician and make the change yourself – please?