George and Amal Clooney are at McEwan Hall RIGHT NOW!

The duo will be attending the People’s Postcode Lottery Gala

In case you missed the red carpet outside of McEwan Hall this morning, it has been announced that George and Amal Clooney will be attending the People’s Postcode Lottery Gala tonight – and they’re there RIGHT NOW!! Check out our Instagram to see an up close video of the man himself!!!!

Since arriving George has been signing autographs and taking photos with the crowd. He even shouted “hope you’re all keeping warm up here!” confirming he is the greatest man alive.

You can smell him from Teviot

Amal is wearing a navy blue one shoulder jumpsuit and a pair of black Louboutins.


10/10 just wow

With regards to the event, in a statement put out on the PPCL website the pair announced: “It is a perfect setting to highlight the urgent need to protect millions of the world’s most vulnerable people from human rights abuses.”

The Lottery has raised over £371 million for charities all over the world, which is a figure set to rise to over £400 million this year – including over one million for George’s human rights fund Not On Our Watch.

This is not the first time Clooney has associated himself with the charity, he visited the headquarters in Edinburgh back in 2015.

I can already hear my mum booking her last minute train tickets.