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Sack off the library – here’s why you should study in the pub this exam season

Can’t say no to a cheeky pint and a past paper

For some reason, most students seem to think they can only study within the clinical, silent walls of the library. They will get up in the wee hours and come prepped with a meal deal, ready for the Hunger Games style hunt to find a seat – before spending the day guarding it with their life, terror-stricken when they pop out for an hour in case their precious study space is taken by the “library monitors”.

Others have seen the light and begun to work in coffee shops instead, ready to tackle their studies with an unlimited supply of caffeine, but this has its disadvantages too. Edinburgh coffee shops are spenny, and the hot new study spaces are starting to become overpopulated just like the library.

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Here’s the solution: start studying in the pub. I’ve done this since the second semester of first year, and I absolutely swear by it. For a start, you can drown your sorrows when your essay is getting a bit too much. However, I don’t (often) do this. Instead I get a diet coke or a coffee, crack the books open, and work in a pub that’s pretty empty until five o’clock.

There’s a good few perks to this. You tend to make pals with the locals and bar staff, resulting in a few free coffees here and there – which is always a bonus. It’s also just more chill! Why would you want to work in an environment full of stress? A pub is the perfect relaxed environment to get on with your studies – so if the pressure of deadlines gets too much, this is a better idea.

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Channel these happy vibes

Let’s be honest – working in the pub saves time as well. When you go to the library, you always end up talking to the people you used to know in halls, pop out for constant cigarettes, and travel up and down from the cafe – effectively killing time through procrastination. Instead, stay sat at one bar stool where most of your pals won’t be, and just study there. It’s a life hack.

And lastly, once you’ve finished your days work, invite your pals over and have a few pints. This is self care at its finest – reward yourself!

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Treat yourself