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All the things you know when your flatmates are your best friends

It’s the best of both worlds

It's a tale as old as time: I've moved in with someone I thought was fun, and now she's a psychopath who blasts music at four in the morning and broke my NutriBullet trying to make her weird health drinks! There is nothing worse than hating your living situation.

However, the stories you rarely hear are the ones about flats that have managed to embrace each other's living habits and create a fun, homely environment. So here's a happy account of what it’s like when you move in with your best friends and it actually works out.

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Endless cuddles

There's always someone to ask about your day

For one, when you live with your best friends, you always have someone to tell about your life. Do you miss the days of sitting around the dinner table telling your parents about your day? With your best friends, swapping stories about your day is standard. Bad netball match? Amazing essay result? Your flatmates want to hear it all!

Flatmates are even better than parents because you don't resent when they check in on you. As a matter of fact, you find it super heartwarming. Let's say you had a big night out and didn't come home last night. It's always nice to get a text at 9am the next morning that says, "hey just making sure you’re okay xx." No, I'm not dead in a ditch, but it's nice to know that if I were, someone would find out eventually.

And what am I supposed to do when I come home? Silently shower and eat some breakfast? I should think not — my girls need some gossip and will be sat at the kitchen table awaiting my arrival.

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Whose top is whose??

Nights out (or nights in) are 10 times more fun

Speaking of nights out, when you live with your best friends, going out reaches its peak. Not only do I have four separate closets of clothes to choose from, but my pres start as early as I want. Drinking a gin and tonic while one flatmate does my eye makeup and I'm wearing another's H&M crop top? The dream. Most of the time we don't even want to head out because we're having too much fun drinking together at home.

Basically, living with your best friends is like one long sleepover. Everything from Twilight marathons, dinner table gossip seshes, and running to Sainsbury's at 10:30 pm to buy some microwave puddings all come standard. Cue the bulk order of face masks.

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Countless hot chocolates and microwave puddings

Flatmates = family

The most amazing part of living with your best friends is that you will never have to be alone. A boring Tuesday night can become a full blown kitchen dance party when everyone gets home and starts to cook dinner.

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Thanks for always taking care of me <3

You have no secrets any more

You can't hide anything from your flatmates. They have to do everything from hand you a toilet roll when you're caught unprepared to hold your hair back when you're vomiting.

Your flatmates get you. They know when you're really having a rough time or just need a snack to stop being dramatic. And for better or for worse, you can't get rid of them. So it works out best when they happen to be your favourite people in the world.