Shout out to TK Maxx, the best friend you never knew you had

Where else can you buy a prom dress, cleavage firming cream and a cheese board?

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It's March, and for most of us that means that the student loan is gone and it's time to start counting the pennies. But being money conscious doesn't mean you can't treat yourself.

It's about time everyone started giving TK Maxx the credit it deserves – because it offers everything you could ever want at incredible prices. How have we all forgotten this Aladdin's cave of wonder that exists on our high streets?

For those who still need convincing, here's some more info to help you see the light.

They stock some unreal brands

Radley, Kate Spade, Ted Baker and Michael Kors – what do all these have in common? They are currently some of the brands sold in TK Maxx. It's like Black Friday all day, every day. However, even if you don't care about brands you can pick up some really great quality items for an absolute steal. There's honestly something for everyone and every price range.

Beauty Vlogger 101

They sell stuff you didn't even know you wanted

Whether you're looking for a frying pan, fresh pasta or workout gear, it will be in there somewhere. Have a little faith and start searching. It's fun to see what wonders you come across in the process – I for one have always dreamed of having a ceramic cheese platter with cheese markers.

Jamie knows

The store layout screams FUN

It's an adventure! Yes, the shelves are piled high with random items, but that makes it more rewarding when you do actually find a bargain. There's no better rush than walking smugly around a shop knowing you've found an amazing item at an equally amazing price – nothing compares. A particular shout out must be made to the TK Maxx candle section which never fails to disappoint and changes seasonally. Mmm.

Living the dream

You can also shop online, if you can't handle the rush

TK Maxx sell online too – so for anyone who still isn't convinced about going to the shop in person, you have no excuse now. The website even has a handy little filter listing items by RRP saving, making it easier to justify your purchase by showing you how much you've saved.

What a time to be alive

The next time you need to get a gift or feel like updating your home decor, look no further than your friend TK Maxx. They've always been there for you – you just didn't know it.