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The best day of the year is near, so let’s see what your chosen pancake topping says about you

The best day of the year is here

Shrove Tuesday is a day to typically clean out your cupboards of all things naughty and have one last binge on a giant stack of pancakes. Nothing will put a spring in your step better than starting the day with a brave attempt of flipping your pan before tucking in to a delicious toppling pile of pancakes.

This year, pancake day has crepe-d up on us quicker than you can say scoff-a-stack, and I think you'll be surprised to know that your chosen pancake topping says a lot about you as a person.

Strap yourself in for my scientifically proven personality test.

Lemon and sugar

You are a traditionalist. Everything has its place and one must not stray from the norm. Having breakfast for dinner scares you. Having lunch before noon scares you. Putting the milk in tea first scares you. You'll only set the TV volume on multiples on five.


Like the topping itself, you're rather nutty. You can be easily convinced to go on a night out despite having an essay due the next day. You lose things a lot and your phone screen is always cracked, with the battery never higher than 20 per cent.

Maple syrup and bacon

American. Or a weirdo. Or both.

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You love the environment and hate single-use plastic. You eat lunch in the Meadows even when it's cold and live for organic local produce. You can be be found at vintage fairs or carrying a recycled tote bag. You live for the Body Shop and Lush.


You're a child at heart. You probably got a little bit too excited about the Jonas Brothers reunion and have already followed their new Instagram. You like drinking squash and still enjoy a Frube.

Whipped cream and strawberries

You only eat pancakes so you can Instagram them. You love your Fiat 500 as you coast through the drive thru to order your Pumpkin Spiced Latte. OMG you can't for Love Island to return.

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A mouth-watering plate

Banana and Nutella

You're equally as nutty as the plain Nutella but with added pizzazz. The type of person that might book a flight to Barcelona for the weekend and not tell anyone, only to be found out via their Snapchat story.

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A knob of butter

Voted Trump. Voted Leave. Knob.

Blueberries and natural yoghurt

You wear activewear even when you're not going to the gym. You were gifted a FitBit for Christmas and you try to mask your desire for unhealthy pancakes with a low fat alternative following the January health kick.

Ice cream

Bold and fearless. You wear shorts in winter and go on nights out without a coat. When eating an ice cream, you bite it.

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Feta and spinach

Audacious. Anyone who opts for a savoury topping has got some serious backbone. You can be found drinking black coffee and choosing a cheeseboard over a pudding because you "just don't have a sweet tooth". You like your pancakes like you like your cheese; mature.

No topping

Boring. First in the lecture, last out. Also eats soup with no bread. Animal.