The first phase of Pollock Halls road repairs cost Edi students £170,000

Project to pave roads around Pollock funded by residents and non-residents alike

A Freedom of Information request sent by The Tab Edinburgh has revealed that the first phase of the two-phase project to repair roads around Pollock Halls cost the university £170,000.

Angela Lewthwaite, university administrator & committee officer, disclosed that "the total cost for Phase 1 was £170k. The total cost for Phase 2 is not held as this phase has yet to be tendered for."

The money came from the university's budget for repairs and maintenance, a subsection of the university's broader operating budget.

In 2017-18, students' tuition fees contributed almost one-third, or £312 million, to the university's total expenditure which was around £957.1 million.

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The university did not consult students before the project commenced, which spanned over roughly a two week period, "as planning permission was not required" and "there was no identified need to consult", Lewthwaite commented.

Lewthwaite continued to tell The Tab Edinburgh that, "maintenance of the roads and pavements at Pollock Halls is carried out for the benefit of students, in order to maintain accessibility, resolve flooding issues and prevent accidents."

No word yet on if the revolving door of seven-person Uber Execs had anything to do with the premature pavement cracks.