Fed up of winter? Here are some blues busters to help you through February in Edinburgh

Let’s embrace these cold, dark, short days

January is done – and so is your resolution to develop an entirely new personality and go to the gym 14 times a week. You’ve completed what many believe to be the most depressing month of the year, and you’re feeling good. However, you have not defeated winter yet. With February rearing its ugly head, promising glorious averages of six degrees centigrade, Edinburgh still has a whole lot more cold and darkness to offer.

Here are a few ideas guaranteed to cut the cord between you and your Netflix account and get you out and about this February.

Get some great grams in these secret locations

No wonder you’re feeling blue. You’re sat in Standing Order for the hundredth time this term, discussing housing drama and debating whether or not to go to Garibaldi’s. What happened to "new year, new you"? Whilst losing three stone was never going to happen, you can at least fool people into thinking you’re being totally "carpe diem" by plastering your Instagram account with a few of these more original locations.

Saddle up as you journey into Edinburgh’s Wild West

Can’t afford that EasyJet flight? Be transported back in time and across the globe as you step into this rather authentic-feeling ghost town. Built in the 1990s for an advertising campaign, this little piece of the Wild West is located in an alleyway off Springvalley Gardens, Morningside. Boasting a jail, saloon and stables, you’ll feel even more like a cowgirl than you do on Saturday night!

Take a girly graveyard trip

Whist you might assume a graveyard wouldn’t be the best pick-me-up location, this one is certain to be a hit with Harry Potter lovers. Fans flock to Greyfriars Kirkyard to catch a glimpse of the grave of a 19th century man, Thomas Riddell, who died in 1802, aged 86. When questioned, J.K Rowling confirmed that the grave, which she often walked past, might have "subconsciously" given her the idea for her character – and since then it's been flooded with gifts and hand-written notes. Why not pay it a visit? Who knows, it might have the magic to "subconsciously" fuel your dissertation.

Stroke a pussy

Feel slightly less guilty about paying for pussy at the Maison de Moggy, a cat café on the Royal Mile. Serving tea, coffee and cakes, Edinburgh’s first cat café is the perfect place to do some work, meet with friends or simply play with the 12 cats that live there. This spot is extremely popular so make sure to book in advance, clear your camera roll and pop a few antihistamines before arrival.

Have a giggle at something even more entertaining than your love life

Don’t fancy the idea of watching The Notebook alone this Valentine’s Day? Grab a mate and spend an evening at The Stand. Located on York Place, this comedy basement hosts both major touring acts and local hopefuls. And with student tickets starting at just a few pounds on weekdays, it’s definitely worth a trip this winter.

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If you do have a date to take to the cinema, check out the Cameo Picture House on Home Street. The self-described "comfortable arthouse cinema" is designed like an old-fashioned theatre, and their "Wednesday Specials" allow students to grab a ticket for £4. The vintage décor makes it slightly more exciting than the Omni centre – plus they often host dog-friendly viewings, so if you’re missing your pooch, you can surround yourself with both puppy loving and popcorn.

Grab some bargains

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Nothing beats the winter blues like feeling you’ve grabbed a bargain. This month it seems that UNiDAYS is on our side, offering a massive range of discounts on food and restaurants. Current offers include 30 per cent off at Byron, 30 per cent off at Zizzi, 40 per cent off at Ask Italian and 20 per cent off at Barburrito, to name a few. And if you feel like in the mood after feasting on those deals, there's also 25 per cent off at Ann Summers to keep you looking good under the four jumpers you’re most likely wearing.