The only five songs you’ll hear at a Chancellor’s Court pre-drinks

The soundtrack to every night that you drink away at Pollock

The less you know about a place, the more interesting it seems. Whatever is unknown gets filled out by your imagination and fogged up with mystique and intrigue.

Nowhere is this truer than at Chancellor’s Court: the ritzy, secluded residence complex at the foot of Arthur’s Seat. Tucked away from the proletariat masses, the array of buildings radiate exclusivity and awe. The big, tall walls are impenetrable and the residents travel exclusively in tight, loud packs.

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Ever so ritzy, ever so secluded

It’s not everyday that an outsider gets in, but if you manage to sneak in for, say, a pre-drink, prepare for average. Once you’ve scaled the walls, you’ll find it’s really just like every other pre you’ve been to. The only difference is that you drink faster, glance around more, and get walloped over the head with same five songs on repeat.

These songs are the Sacred Five, and, taken together, will be the soundtrack to every night you spend at Chancellor’s.

1. SICKO MODE by Travis Scott

The hand-trembling opening pick of DJ Risk Averse. A fail-safe crowd pleaser that gets the people going.

2. Shutdown by Skepta

Annabelle from Gloucester is being very liberal with her definition of "grime fanatic". You really have to wonder how Skepta would react if, upon entering the common room, he saw this song piercing through dense clouds of Silky Strawberry Juul smoke and £120 perfume.

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Chasing his Macallan 1946 Select Reserve Single Malt

3. God’s Plan by Drake

A Chancellor’s classic.

4. God’s Plan [Thoreau Trap Remix] by Drake, Thoreau

Getting a tad exotic without stepping on any toes.

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Post-Chancellor's euphoria kicking in hard

5. God’s Plan [Sevnth & Alo Remix] by Drake , Sevnth, Alo

Too experimental. The crowd revolts. AUX Lad pleads for compromise: “Just wait for the drop on this—it’s mental—then we’ll do SICKO MODE, mate. Just let this drop breathe, Rupert.”