It’s now cheaper to fly from Edinburgh to Berlin than it is to Uber from Pollock to Lulu

Skyscanner is a beautiful thing

If you manage to beat the Buckfast and channel foresight and frugality, you can swap out your ride downtown for a one-way ticket to Berlin.

If you book right now – or soon, at least – you can score a ticket to the capital of Germany for £10. It's RyanAir – an airline not overburdened by expertise – and the flight is at 6:30am, but you are travelling over 1100km.

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£0.009 per kilometre

If you cave tomorrow night, decide to get upmarket, and book an Uber Exec to Lulu, you'll pay the same (probably more).

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£3.14 per one kilometre

Regardless of which route you choose, one thing is clear – it has to be one or the other. If you're going to shell out for an Uber Exec, you have to wring every last penny out of the night – and stay up until that £10 flight takes off for Berlin.