After many attempts, I finally got my hands on the vegan sausage roll and it was great

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January was a very exciting month for vegans across the UK. With Veganuary came the introduction of dairy free cheese at Papa Johns, and the new plant-based line at M&S, but most significantly (and controversially), the vegan sausage roll at Greggs.

A few weeks ago, Greggs posted a 30 second promotional video on Twitter with the caption "The wait is over", announcing they were releasing a meat free, dairy free version of their famous sausage roll. My immediate feelings were happiness, excitement, and surprise. This cruelty-free take on the classic savoury baked good was everything I'd been wishing for.

However, not everyone on Twitter seemed to feel the same. The tweets came flooding in. People were appalled. People were disgusted. People were confused. Even Piers Morgan, the most famous troll of them all, piped up, replying to the post with "Nobody was waiting for a vegan bloody sausage, you PC-ravaged clowns." Lovely!

Putting all of this aside, my priority was actually just getting my hands on one. However, it took me three full weeks to find a Greggs in Edinburgh that actually had them in stock. And there's a Greggs on almost every other street in this city.

Luckily, I struck gold one afternoon at the Nicolson Street branch. Even though they'd only just taken a fresh batch out from the oven, the line was going out the door, and every single person in front of me was ordering one too. It's no wonder they've been almost permanently sold out nationwide.

After what felt like an eternity, I ordered and paid, and took my first bite.

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Look at all those rolls

The taste

The pastry is divine – soft, not too thin, not too thick. The pastry also has a pretty pattern on top – not that I was really paying attention to how it looks because I ate the whole thing in about 3 bites. The sausage is also very, very good. Almost too good, to the point where I had to double check if I hadn't chosen the real meat one by accident. If you're not a fan of realistic fake meats, then perhaps this wouldn't be your cup of tea.

I must add, however, that overall it is a little salty. I feel like it would be even better with a bit of ketchup, but do people even eat sausage rolls with ketchup? Is that weird?

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First bite

The price

At only £1, this pastry is a complete bargain. The portion size is generous, and I definitely felt satisfied after finishing it. I'm so happy Greggs kept the price low because it makes it accessible to almost anyone. And for the quality and taste, it's an absolute steal.

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The overall experience

10/10, would recommend. Whether you're vegan or veggie or a meat eater, this is definitely worth a try. I think Greggs have made a really positive step in the right direction – making a cheap, tasty snack that fits lots of different dietary requirements. The next level up would be a gluten free vegan sausage roll, but baby steps of course.

Warm, soft and filling, I literally couldn't have asked for anything nicer on a cold wintry afternoon. Not only did I feel satisfied after finishing it, but I only paid a quid for it. Piers Morgan can get stuffed – I can't speak for the entire UK vegan community, but this is definitely what I was waiting for.

Thank u, Greggs.