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A comprehensive list of the best coffee shops in Edinburgh

Get your caffeine on

Edinburgh is the best university city when it comes to coffee shops. Whether you desperately need to study and can't bear to be in the library for another second, or are seriously craving an americano, you'll never be without options. That leaves the only problem – where to go with all these choices. Do I want an edgy espresso in a comfy booth? Or am I craving a cup of tea and a lush cake? After conducting some delicious and very necessary research, here are all the best cafés to get your caffeine fix in the city.

Press Coffee, Buccleuch Street

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A little blue storefront right next to George Square, Press Coffee is perfect for a nice catch up over a latte and a scone. Given its size and small tables, maybe don't head for an afternoon-long study sesh, but the aesthetic is good and the coffee is even better.

Black Medicine Coffee, Nicolson Street

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"Yeah, I'm downstairs by the axolotl tank" is a text you might receive in two places: an aquarium and Black Medicine Coffee. The epitome of edgy Edinburgh, this place will kick you out for sitting in with a takeaway cup and gives you a free ginger biscuit with every hot drink. There's limited wifi, so plan accordingly, but it's definitely worth an outing.

Cult Espresso, Buccleuch Street

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As cool as its name, this is the place to go when you when you want an edgy latte and cool brick wall to take photos in front of (see above). On top of its coffee options, which are perfect for any time, it's also an underrated Sunday brunch spot.

Kilimanjaro Coffee, Nicolson Street

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With the best chai lattes and cute booths in the back, Kilimanjaro is a classic for either a chilled cup of coffee or a full on brunch. Not exactly a hidden gem, it can get crowded pretty quickly, but if you manage to get a seat, it's ideal for a lunch date.

Victor Hugo Deli, Melville Terrace

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Victor Hugo is a rare find in the Edinburgh café market given the decent amount of room for customers. My favourite activity is to sit in the coffee lounge next door and watch the runners in the Meadows as I eat my carrot cake.

Coffee Angel, Nicolson Street

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Yet another Nicolson Street coffee shop, Coffee Angel is the perfect study spot. It has plenty of space, bright windows, and really good coffee, which makes it the ideal spot to hang out for hours on end while you've got loads of work to do.

Zebra Coffee Company, Bank Street

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Amazingly strong coffee and luxury brownies – plus a super cute outdoor seating area? I'm there. Situated just off the Royal Mile, stop by on your way back from Princes Street for a wee afternoon treat. If you get there early enough in the day, they might even have some Creme Egg brownies left.

New Amphion, Teviot

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It is a crime against humanity to compile a list of the best Edinburgh coffee shops without including Teviot. Plenty of space to study, cheap coffee and food, and a Hogwarts vibe, Teviot is the ultimate place to go regardless of whether you have an essay due or just want to sit in a comfy chair.