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An Edinburgh Business student has contracted tuberculosis

The Business School has sent out a precautionary email to students

Yesterday the Deputy Director of Health and Safety at the University of Edinburgh sent out an email to all Business students concerning a student from the school who has contracted tuberculosis (TB).

Students and staff who have been in regular contact with the individual have been invited by NHS Lothian to undergo screening to ensure they have not contracted the disease.

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The email read: "The University has been informed by NHS Lothian of a case of Tuberculosis (TB) which has affected an individual at the University's Business School.

"The University is working closely with the TB Nursing service and Public Health team at NHS Lothian, and are supporting them in providing an appropriate response.

"A group of students and staff with day to day contact with this individual have been invited for screening for TB as a precautionary measure.

"TB is difficult to catch, requires prolonged or repeat exposure to the infectious person, and is treatable with a course of antibiotics."

According to Health Protection Scotland, there are only 285 cases of pulmonary TB reported each year, but due to its large international population, the University of Edinburgh requires those who live permanently in certain countries to "carry a certificate to show that they are free from infectious pulmonary tuberculosis."