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Here’s what to do when your younger sibling visits Edinburgh

Food, food and more food

Receiving a message from your mum letting you know that your younger sibling will be visiting you at university is both exciting and stressful. When it comes to my own 16-year-old sister, keeping her amused and happy for multiple days in a row can be a true challenge. However, having hosted her twice now and preparing for a third visit, I think I have figured out some good activities to keep her busy.

Take them to uni for a day

If your younger sibling, like mine, is still suffering through the torture that is high school, visiting you at university might be extremely exciting for them. Just beginning to think about what they might want to do when they leave school themselves, this is the perfect opportunity to give them a taste of what uni is like. Give them a grand tour of campus, McEwan Hall and Teviot nachos included, show them the library, and take them to a lecture.

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Loving it

Show off your culinary skills

A visit from your sibling is your opportunity to show them how much of an adult you have turned into since moving out in September. Although you might have struggled to cook rice properly before, now the amazing meals you whip up will take your sibling by surprise. Another positive of this is that, upon returning home, your sibling will report back to your parents on how mature and healthy you are.

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Look at all those greens

Go to all your favourite food spots

There is no better excuse to frequent your favourite restaurants than showing them to a visitor. Eating is the perfect way of spending time together, and food tends to keep everyone happy, so you're winning on all fronts. Hopefully your parents have sent them off with a little bit of pocket money, and you can treat yourselves to a nice meal.

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Enough food?

Besides, nothing appeases a teenager like good food does, right? Whenever your sibling is kicking up a fuss, just buy them something sweet and they'll be quiet for a couple hours again.

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Finally happy

Ditch them with your friends

Siblings are great, but sometimes you need a little break from them. Perhaps you have an assignment to finish, a wash to do, or just need some me time. The perfect solution? Drop your sibling off at your mate's place under the guise of "meet my cool uni friends" and take a couple of hours off.

Take them to Big Cheese

On top of all of the things that are already amazing about Big Cheese is the fact that you can get in if you're 16. Potterow is the perfect destination to keep your sibling amused and for you to have a good time together. Besides, there is nothing that gives a more accurate representation of what university is like than the Big Cheese.

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Don't tell mom xx

Trying to keep a younger sibling happy for three days is a task in itself, and neither of you want to make it feel like you're babysitting. Therefore, it's important to have fun activities lined up that keep you both happy. Make sure to add in lots of food, impressive sights, a bit of dancing – and you'll be golden.

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A well-deserved nap