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From Belgian waffles to vegan chipotle mayo: The Library Bar menu has had a makeover

What a time to be alive

Having to come back to uni after the Christmas holidays can be tough, but with the arrival of a revamped Library Bar food menu, your pain can be eased. With a dozen different options and affordable prices, this new menu is truly noteworthy.

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The new menu

The menu features "traditional favourites" such as mac and cheese, beef lasagne and a pie of the week. The Library Bar also now offers brunch options, including avocado toast, churros and Belgian waffles – so you can congratulate yourself for making it to your 9am by taking yourself out for breakfast.

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Eggs Florentine

EUSA has clearly also been working hard on making its menus more inclusive for those with dietary restrictions and allergies. The new food selection includes three pizzas that can be made with gluten free stone baked bases, and gluten free burger buns are also available. On top of this, vegans no longer have to deal with a shitty quinoa salad, but can instead go for vegan nachos or a vegan burger with chipotle mayo instead – what a luxury.

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