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Caffè Nero to replace 24 hour Scotmid on Nicolson Street

Forever in our hearts, Scotmid

This past summer, the beloved 24 hour Scotmid on Nicolson Street closed its doors. Gone were the days of meal deals at three in the morning following a night at the Big Cheese. It was a tragic day for students across Edinburgh.

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The best RIP

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A few days ago, signs went up announcing that a Caffè Nero will be taking the shop's place on the corner of Nicolson and West Nicolson Street, which is just a short walk from George Square. Whether or not central Edinburgh really needs another coffee shop is one thing, but the Nero will certainly function as a new study spot and source for a caffeine fix.

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A shiny new Caffeè Nero sign has gone up

Madryn, a second year studying Medicine, is definitely excited. "I think it'll be a great new study spot, and it has such great windows for working and people watching," she says.

Whilst the new store is displayed on Caffeè Nero's website, it is yet unknown when the shop will open. Judging by the progress of construction, though, it is expected to open within the next couple of months – around six months after our beloved Scotmid closed.