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We spoke to the guy who is giving away a ghost on Meadows Share

The ghost’s name is Jimbob

Perusing Meadows Share to find free pots, pans, shoes and other random items is the bread and butter of most Edinburgh students, and one recent sharer had something more ethereal on offer.

Inti Raymi advertised that he was giving away Jimbob the Ghost – and the vase Jimbob had subsequently been captured inside.

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Strong Aladdin vibes

Upon seeing this post, I wanted to know anything and everything Inti could tell me about this, and I was not the only one so intrigued.

How did the ghost get his name?

We couldn't decide between Jim and Bob.

Why did you want to give him, and his vase, away?

Allow me to clarify. The vase wasn't really his. I suppose once he was captured in it, he maybe has some claim to it (does a prisoner own their jail cell?), but the vase was just something I had lying around. I managed to lure him into it and jam the stopper on. He asked me to pass him on though. He isn't evil or anything, I figured he was just bored – fair enough. So, I posted the vase on the Meadows Share with the disclaimer that he was inside.

Who accepted the vase?

A local lady living nearby. She came round super promptly actually.

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Plenty of people offered to take Jimbob off Inti's hands

Was she worried about the ghost?

She did ask a few questions about whether she should open the jar. I said she could, but I wouldn't recommend it. It wouldn't be the end of the world, but I just probably wouldn't.

When did you first learn about the ghost?

One evening when my friends were round. The lights kept turning themselves off. Later that night, this door kept closing itself, and then ever since that, similar things have been happening. The worst thing was when he pushed all the slats in my bed out in the middle of the night, which he's done several times. I know it's him because of the occasional giggling. None of these things have happened since I caught him though. I figured he crept in that evening when friends came round.

Is there anything else we should know about Jimbob?

I think it's probably worth emphasising I don't think he's evil, just cheeky. And I don't harbour ghosts. I hung out in the same place as one for a bit, but I think that's the extent of it. I think I lucked out with him, because I gather some of the others can be way worse than him.

So, there you have it. I certainly learnt a lot interviewing Inti, mainly that anytime a door closes by itself in my flat, I could reasonably assume that Jimbob's new owner has opened the jar and the ghost has found its way to me.